Perhaps. But what good is that? Let me explain:


First of all, there is a much more effective system for

acquiring 6 pack abs, if that is what you truly want.


Second of all, are you sure that’s what you want? The

muscle that shows through you belly is a superficial

muscle called the Rectus Abdominus. It’s main function

is to flex your ribcage towards your hips. In other words,

if the only muscle you developed was the Rectus Abdominus

(the muscle you target when you do crunches), then you’d

turn into a hunchback.


Why not focus on strengthening your entire core? The result

will be not ONLY 6 pack abs, but you’ll be able to stand up

straight, be pain free (it hurts to be a hunchback!) and feel great

about yourself!


So now you get it about the muscles. You’ve been working your

entire core for a while now, and you are pain free and feel pretty good,

but it might be nice to see those 6 pack abs poking through. How do

you make that happen?


It’s not just exercise that’s going to get you there. It’s your diet as well.

6 Pack Abs are made equally through exercise and food management.

Basically, you want to go super lean. Eat lean and you will be on your

way to becoming lean. In a sentence, this means lean meats and veggies.

Cool it on what I call the ‘fillers’. Even healthy fillers can pack on the

pounds, so think about it before you eat that 9 grain bread. It’s not going

to help you get closer to your 6 pack abs.


And I’ll throw in one more tip- my favorite exercise for a strong core. It’s

my favorite because I also believe it to be the most effective. It’s called

the plank, and it hits ALL core muscles at once, making it kind of intense.

There are multiple ways to perform a plank. Here’s the wikipedia explanation,

along with an example of a side plank. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plank_(exercise)

Try one and time yourself for 30 seconds.

Get it done!


Your Fitness Coach,

Miranda Zukowski

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