I realized something disturbing today. Kids are not being brought up to take care of themselves. Is it me, or can this possibly be true? From what I saw today, it imagescertainly looks true! How many of you are struggling with keeping yourselves alive and well  because you were never taught healthy eating or exercise habits?! And what about this new generation- with all the computers, ipads, video games, tv VS running around and playing outside?! They have  the odds against them even more than we did.

I’ve never really thought about this before, because I was very fortunate to be brought up with healthy eating and exercise habits. And I didn’t have a child until November 2012. And how do you know what you don’t know if you don’t know it?

But today I went to a local elementary school’s fun fair and I was shocked! There wasn’t one actual piece of food in the whole place. There were nachos, pizza (no not the good kind), funnel cakes (that they fried right in front for all to see and people STILL were lining up!), and cupcakes. Say wha? No. Actual. Food. Everything was artificial. And people let their kids eat this stuff. And some of the parents were walking around stuffing their faces with this crap, too. Is this a way of life or just a fun day at the school fair? Even if it was just one fun day at the school fair, does it make sense to not have ANY real food available? And do people think about being a good example for their children? I really honestly want to know, because this freaked me right out.

Since having my own child, I have also become more aware of my clients who are saying things like “I have a hard time avoiding junk food because it’s in the house for the kids”. What is wrong with this statement? I am a simple minded person and need this explained to me. Why is there junk food in the house for the kids? Are we going to bring our kids up to eat crap so that they die young and are physically/emotionally/mentally miserable by the time they hit age 30? I guess it’s easier to do that than to confront them and try to change their habits now? Or maybe since they’ll never know how to move their bodies to run, play, hike, climb, or just have fun, then they won’t know what they’re missing?

Look at how many people struggle with their weight these days. Look at how many people have health issues directly related to their weight. Is it ok to put our kids on the same path? I don’t get it.

Seriously, I don’t. I know it is challenging to find healthy options that kids like a lot of the time, and I’m not sure why that is either. If we demand it- it will become available. But I guess we are too busy demanding all that crap that lines the ‘middle aisles’ with the massive amounts of sugar and hydrogenated oils, etc.

My kid doesn’t even eat solids yet, so perhaps I just don’t understand. I am pretty sure at some point he is going to wonder why he has hummus and veggies while his friends have french fries and nachoes for their after school snacks. So when do we break the pattern? When do we realize that we are a product of bad habits and we are bringing our kids up with the same habits? When do we break the cycle?

Maybe some of the parents out there are health conscious, but they are afraid of the screaming fits they’ll get from their kids, or that their ideas will be unpopular with the other parents- so they just sit at the sidelines. And what is the result of that? Kids grow up fat and can’t move their bodies, contaminate their organs, feel terrible and are set up to die young. So, it’s either THAT, or a few screaming/crying matches? You tell me which one you choose. Even a years worth of nonstop screaming and crying is worth saving our children’s lives. Or, at least I think so. But then, my kid’s not screaming at me. Yet. You tell me- weigh it out and then tell me which you choose. Oh, and check out this article, too. http://www.webmd.com/diet/features/obesity-epidemic-astronomical

When am I going to stop bitching about this and make a suggestion? Wellll, I figured there had to be some sort of healthy kids foundation. So I typed in ‘healthy kids foundation’ (haha) and there IS one! healthykidsfoundation.org. And the site, I’m sorry to say, really sucks. There is no information on it. Perhaps they are in the middle of updating it? I hope so.

So I kept searching. And I found one called http://www.wholekidsfoundation.org and this one looks a little bit better! So somewhere, somehow, some parent decided they’d had enough and started this foundation. Good for them!!! I think the crap eating trend needs to end. Let’s make eating FOOD cool!!

Check out the website http://www.wholekidsfoundation.org and see if there is anything that catches your attention. Search yourself for how you want your child to live out their life. Start small- start with yourself. Be a good example. Sometimes that is the best thing you can do.

I am VERY curious to hear your thoughts on this!! Please let me know what you think on this topic.

Yours in Health,

Miranda Zukowski