Hello Ladies & Gents,

It’s Day 2 of our 60 Day Plank Challenge! Yesterday I gave you a video showing proper form (and also encouraging you to do a 2 minute plank alongside me), so if you didn’t see that, go back to Day 1 and check it out.

Today I’m just going to tell you what I discovered while planking.

1st- that it’s easier with your legs wider. I knew that, but was reminded as I started to shake…

2nd- that time REALLY slllloooooowwwwwsssss dooowwwwwnnnnnn when you’re in a plank. So what I did to occupy myself was sing a little song. “Row, Row, Row your boat…” I sang it 20 times. TWENTY times. Please give me a different song rec in the comment field below.

Anyway, singing that song helped me get from 3:30 to 3:40, increasing my time by 10 seconds. Wahoo! My dog thinks I’m nuts.


Here is your plank workout for today:

BASIC: 30 second plank

OVERACHIEVER: Only if you are NOT sore- try to beat your time from yesterday by at least 10 seconds. Sing “row row row your boat” and see how far that gets you. Seriously. If you are sore from your efforts yesterday, then please take it easy today. We are starting off slow, but next week it starts to get crazy, so take advantage of the slow pace now.