It’s only Day 3, and how are you doing? I just want to share that I have worked with countless people of all shapes and sizes in my 16 years in the fitness industry, and one thing that does not change is… MOTIVATION DOESN’T LAST! If you’re feeling motivated right now, GO with it!

But if you’re not, that doesn’t mean it’s time to throw in the towel. It means it’s time to discover what you are really made of.

The way to get through all 8 weeks of this program is to attack it in incremental little bits. In other words- you turn your daily planking into a habit. Don’t skip even one day. Because it’s a slippery slope, folks. Once you miss one day, the habit forming process in your brain starts to let it go again. The next day, you’ll find some reason or excuse to not fit in your less than 10 minutes of planking. I’ve seen it over and over.

Just focus on the little step right in front of you. Write down what you accomplish in your notebook. And tomorrow- well you’ll deal with tomorrow when it’s here. Right now it’s TODAY and here’s what’s on the agenda…

BASIC: 1 minute!  For the people who have started out under one minute- this might be a tough day for you, but you can get this done. Listen to music, do the plank from your hands, and remember that legs wide is easier. You have GOT this!

OVERACHIEVER: Pick a song with a specific time you are aiming for today (I suggest just 10 seconds higher than what you did yesterday). Bang it out!


Little note: If your wrists are bothering you, I just shot a vid today to address that issue. Your wrists are body parts, too and need to be worked out and stretched. I’ll get that video edited pronto and post it on the fb page as soon as it’s ready. It’ll be in tomorrow’s post for sure. In the meantime, just keep alternating from hands to forearms. And if your forearms are getting rug burns or hurt on the floor- use a mat.


Alrighty, I’m off to PLANK!

Your Fitness Coach,


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