Today I want you to put some safety’s in place. What I mean is, I want you to insure your own success with this. I want you to plan a reward. Not just one reward, but 2 or 3, as you see fit.

Reward #1 is what you will give yourself for getting to goal #1. Choose a plank time that is a little bit more than what you are doing now. Something you believe is totally doable. Write it in your notebook and also write what your reward will be when you hit it.

Reward #2 is the 10 minute goal. Set the reward. Write it down.

Reward #3 is anywhere in between the 2 where you believe you should be rewarded! Write it down.

Now you MUST follow through with these rewards! Give yourself that first reward- it’s like you are teaching you to trust yourself. Follow through.


BASIC: 1 minute 20 seconds

OVERACHIEVER: beat your record by at least 5 seconds today.


(the wrist vid did not upload properly today, so will have to post it tomorrow! Oh technology 😛 )


Your Fitness Coach,


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