Please keep in mind that your safety and well being is more important than a 10 minute plank! Yes I do believe you can do it- you just might need to spread this program out a little bit more.

People say to me “Oh, 60 days is a long time”. Well let me tell you what- it’s NOT long at all when you’re building yourself up to a 10 minute plank! When I first designed this program, I designed it for only 30 days. It made me laugh. HA! Crazy. 60 days is still nuts. You can still hit the 10 minute mark, but like I said- you may just need to spread it out a little more.

So keep that in mind when your shoulders, neck, feet, wrists, back, ribs, knees are hurting. Stay where you are with your plank, or even back off a bit.

I will address this more tomorrow, but just wanted to give you a little piece to bite on.


BASIC: split ’em up! first plank 45 seconds. 45 second break. second plank 50 seconds.

OVERACHIEVER: split your planks up again. For instance. Mine is now at 3:55. I went back to 2:30 today, then took a minute and a half break. And my 2nd plank was 2:10. Total is 4:40- 10 seconds longer than the last time I did the split up. Split it up. But don’t try to improve your plank 1 time from the other day. Aim to improve the 2nd planks time by at least 10 seconds.


And HERE is the Wrist Helper video. It’s less than 4 minutes of 1 wrist exercise and 2 stretches. These are critical to keep your wrists healthy during this program.



Have a great weekend!

Your Fitness Coach,

Miranda Zukowski

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