Welcome to WEEK 2!

I’m curious to hear what is going on with everybody. I’ll tell you what is going on with me. I took a complete break yesterday so my muscles could rest, and then today I beat my record by 10 seconds, so I am now at 4 minutes. It’s getting crazy. And the crazy part is really all me. All of a sudden, the first few seconds are more challenging. Why? Because I am thinking about all the time I have yet to go! And is that at all helpful? Not really. It makes it more difficult to hold the plank. If I could just get my mind to shut up already, I bet I could go a LOT farther.

So today I sorta figured this was going to happen today – the unnerving mind chatter- so I took a magazine onto the floor with me and attempted to read it as I planked. All the stories seemed much more boring than they did before I was planking. I couldn’t really focus on the stories. BUT, it did distract me enough so that I was able to make it to 4 minutes. And since doing the plank makes my once oh so important magazine articles seem really obnoxious, I think this is going to help me to get rid of excess magazine clutter. Double whammy!


Here are you Planky Tasks for today:

BASIC: 1 minute 45 seconds

OVERACHIEVER: Beat your high ‘score’ by at least 10 seconds. Read a magazine if you have to.


Remember, basic does NOT mean easy! It just means this is the minimum that you need to have under your belt in order to hit the 10 minute mark within the 60 day timeframe.


Happy Monday!

Your Fitness Coach,

Miranda Zukowski

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