How did your ‘experiment’ go yesterday? Today’s task is to take what you did yesterday and add 1 minute to it. A whole minute! How the heck are you going to do THAT? Here’s how- you are going to divide that time by 3- then execute 3 planks at that time.

I cheated a little. My time yesterday was 5:20. So I decided to go for 6 minutes today. I did 3 planks for 2 minutes each. I took 1 minute breaks between them. Do yours, and then check it off the list for the day!


BASIC: You need to be at 2 minutes in order to hit the 10 minute goal in the 60 day timeframe

OVERACHIEVER: Take yesterday’s time and add 1 minute to it. Now split that up into 3 planks and bang em out. I don’t want it to be too challenging- just keep you going- today is kind of a rest day. And, yes, you need those.


Here is a supplemental shoulder workout video. Again, this is an older workout vid that I used in my Tribe group. Sharing it with you because you are going to need shoulder strength as we move forward.