Today I did a pretty hard workout, so I did the basic option on the plank. I took it back a notch and held for 2:30.

Here’s the deal. Today is Day 12. On day 15 you need to be at least at 2:30 in order to be on track with the 60 Day 10 minute goal. SO- if you’re not quite at 2:30, keep working it up. If you are sore or things hurt that you don’t think are supposed to hurt, then GO SLOWER! Make your 60 day goal a 90 day goal, or whatever you have to do, but DO NOT STOP!

If you are past 2:30, think of this as a slower day and just hold the 2:30. Your bod will thank you for the rest and you’ll be able to go further tomorrow.

If you really really really want to push it today, then by all means- go for it! Just remember, a little forward and backward and side to side is necessary in order to reach this kind of goal. Meaning some days you do more, other days you do less, and other days you do  supplemental workouts.


BASIC: Hold a plank for 2:30. This is what I did today

OVERACHIEVER: Beat your time by 10 seconds. (But I suggest giving yourself a little break today). HEY- if you’re at 2:20 then you are going to do the basic AND the overachiever workout. First time in history!! (a little punchy over here- can you tell??)


Your Fitness Coach,

Miranda Zukowski

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