There is some confusion on when the actual ‘day 13’ is. I am writing this on Friday night, and the workout is intended for Saturday. I write these at night so that I can get them out to you first thing in the morning with no distractions from my 9 month old (He is 9 months today!! well, tomorrow- haha).

Today is a BEAT YOUR HIGH RECORD day. My high record was 5:20, which was a little intimidating. I just plopped down on the floor and set the timer and tried not to think about it. Oy! I couldn’t play music because husband was watching some weird thing on his computer, which did NOT help my plank. I read Parenting magazine. Which was interesting enough. I swear this challenge is going to break me down so that I finally go get an ipad. If I were an iPad owner, I’d be watching all sorts of things on there.

Anyway, I beat the 5:20, by 5 seconds. Whew! Actually broke a sweat. Shoulders feel hulky.


BASIC: Take it back to 1:30 for today. Yes you need to have 2:30 by Monday to meet the goal in 60 days, but if you’re not there, go back and do a SOLID 1:30 today. Tomorrow you will be stronger.

OVERACHIEVER: Beat you top record by 10 seconds. I only beat mine by 5, but I am satisfied with that. Go for the 10

Enjoy your weekend!

Your Fitness Coach,

Miranda Zukowski

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