Today marks 2 milestones for us plankers. First, we are starting off week 3 and should all give ourselves a pat on the back, because we deserve it! Hey, maybe we deserve one of those rewards we set at the beginning, just for sticking with it…

The 2nd milestone is that we are exactly one quarter of the way to our 60 day goal. It’s day 15 out of 60. That means that, in order to reach the goal of a 10 minute plank by day 60, we need to be at  2 minutes 30 seconds.

If you are not there yet, do your plank with gusto today! Take a deep breath- actually take lots of deep breaths. This really helps me when I don’t think I can do anymore and I’m sick of reading the stupid magazine. I just shut my eyes and take deep breaths. I don’t stare at the timer. Deeeeeep breaths. And if my mind is making me nuts, I start to count in my head- as fast or as slow as I feel like. The time is going to pass either way. Make sure to keep your thighs tight and your belly pulling up. I’ve also done a little ‘plank dancing’ here and there. I just move my hips and knees a little. Keeps me occupied. Do what you must.

What I did today for my plank is the same (almost) as yesterday. I did 3 planks, but I added 10 seconds to the last one. So, I did 2:30/rest 1 minute, 2/rest 1 minute, and then finished with a 2:10 plank. Total time 6:40. Today is KICK BUTT DAY! Tomorrow is going to be a little more relaxed…


BASIC: 2 minute 30 second plank. If you come down early, take a rest and then go back up again til you get to 2:30

OVERACHIEVER: 3 Planks- same as yesterday except add 10 SECONDS to your last plank


Happy Monday, Week 3 and we are a quarter of the way through!


Your Fitness Coach,

Miranda Zukowski