Today I did my ‘experiment’ again. And here’s why. My top time right now is 5:35, and I couldn’t bear the thought of trying to beat it. So I thought I’ll just grab my magazine, turn on pandora, hand the timer over to Ron and try to make it through 2 songs. For some reason those songs just dragged ON and ON, it was making me feel violent. And today’s magazine wasn’t nearly as interesting as yesterday’s. Finally after the second stupid song finished (I think it’s actually a song that I normally like), I came out of the plank and Ron handed me back the time. 6:45!! Couldn’t believe it. I just can NOT believe it. Apparently, the rest day from yesterday was a good idea.


BASIC: Hold your plank for 3 solid minutes.

OVERACHIEVER: Turn the timer over- preferrably to someone else who won’t let you look at the time – and go for as long as you can…


As far as the 60 Day Challenge goes, today is Day 20 so we are a third of the way through. In order to stay on track with the 60 days, you need to be at 3 minutes today. If you’re not, please don’t be discouraged. Just set your challenge as a 75 day challenge, or a 90 day challenge, or a year challenge- whatever! If you meet this goal you will feel AWESOME, so don’t give up just because you’re not going to make it in 60 days. Instead, take that 3 minutes and split it up. Do 3 one minute planks. If you can bang out another one minute plank, then do that one, too. Every little bit is making you stronger, as long as you aren’t hurting yourself. If you feel back pain or any other weird pains, then your plank is OVER for the day. The 60 days doesn’t matter as much as your well being.


Have a great Labor Day Weekend!


Your Fitness Coach,

Miranda Zukowski

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