Today I’m going a bit off my fitness bandwagon and I’d like to chat about perspective and LOVE.
I am a big fan of showing your Self that you love you. My goal for you is that you be in love with your self and your life! If you think it’s cheesey, then ask Heart Girlyourself what’s wrong with a little cheese? Who cares! Would it be better to go on criticizing yourself? Not to mention the fact that when you don’t show your self love, you really can’t show any to anyone else. You can show other things that you think might be love, but it’s not the same.
So the next step is- if you’re so used to not liking yourself, then how do you switch to sending yourself love?  It is totally possible if you see that almost everything is a matter of perspective. I say ‘almost’ only to not over generalize, but I’m a believer in altering your perspective to suit your needs. Many of us argue for our limitations. I do this as well. What I mean is all the “I can’t do that because… I hate that because… that’s too hard for me because…” and all that jazz.
In altering perspective, and deciding what thoughts you are going to think, you need to first recognize that you are not your thoughts. Your conscious mind has thoughts that often control you instead of you controling your thoughts. You can control what you think with a little practice. It takes some effort, as does everything, but once you learn it- it becomes second nature to choose your thoughts. Your subconscious mind listens to whatever the conscious mind tells it. It doesn’t judge or get to decide anything. It just takes in what you send and acts on it. So if you say “This is going to make me sick”, then it will. If you say “I can’t do that” then you’ll be right. I think the best way to get your mind around the concept of choosing your thoughts is with the book “The Power of Now” by Eckhardt Tolle.
We could go soooo far into this, but I’m going to redirect us back to fitness and remind you not to say mean things to your body! Did you criticize yourself today? The next time you catch yourself sending you a negative thought, counter that thought with something more positive. I suggest writing these incidences down. That way you get to have more power over shifting your subconscious mind. Start to change your thoughts and the way you feel about yourself.
Send your body love! It is the first step on heading down the path you want to head in with your physical fitness. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again- you must first appreciate and be grateful for what you have in order to allow in more good things. So love that bod! Tell that wonky knee that you love it! Do it now, and giggle to yourself if you feel the urge. That’s always good, too.
Health & Happiness to you!
Your Fitness Coach,
Miranda Zukowski
Photo courtesy of www.freedigitalphotos.net

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