Every day I think to myself “No way I am going to do a plank today”, and every day I somehow find myself doing it! I think I am used to pressing the override button in my brain. I’m still surprised I did my plank today.

And here’s what it was: Another 10 minute plank marathon! (that actually lasted for 13 minutes- haha). Split up your planks as much as you have to to get to 10 minutes. If you have to do 17 planks- do it until you get to 10 minutes.

Look at your records from the last time you did the 10 minute plank series. How long did you hold that first plank for? Try to add at least 20 seconds to the first plank, and then take it from there.

So mine was: 3:20/1 minute rest, 3:20/1 minute rest, 2/1 minute rest, 1:20 and DONE! The next step for me is to eliminate that last plank by making the first 3 longer. Gotta start splicing these together.


BASIC: Need to be at 4 minutes solid planking today in order to reach the 10 minute goal in 60 days. If you are not there, I don’t care- KEEP GOING! Just push your end time further out.

OVERACHIEVER: Do as many planks as you have to do to get to 10 minutes. WRITE THESE DOWN BECAUSE YOU WILL FORGET!



Your Fitness Coach,


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