You have made it past the halfway point! Most people drop out in the first week, so the fact that you have come this far, NO MATTER how long you are planking for, says a lot about your character! A lot of GOOD things!

That said, I must tell you that I have backed off a bit for health reasons. My highest plank time so far is 7 minutes and I find I need to listen to my bod and back off. If you are having aches and pains that you don’t think are normal, then you need to back off a bit- hold steady where you are and build strength with supplemental workouts. Whatever you do, don’t give up! Follow through for the next 29 days. You can totally do this :)


BASIC: 3 minutes

OVERACHIEVER: I suggest you do 3 minutes as well, even if you are up to a 7 minute plank. Supplement with a shoulder workout and an ab workout



Your Fitness Coach,


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