I’ve brought you not one, but TWO nutrition experts! One is a Holistic Nutrition Coach, and the other is a Whole Foods Chef. These ladies are the real deal.

AND, not only did I bring you two nutrition experts, but I’ve also brought you a Transformational Coach! This is the woman who will help you take the knowledge that you receive from the nutrition experts, and actually DO something with it. If you don’t know yet, let me tell you that you can have tons of knowledge, but unless you have the mindset to take action, nothing will happen. This woman is the person who will help you do that. I’ve covered my bases.

So how am I ‘bringing’ them to you? We are collaboratively offering a Teleseminar titled “6 Fool Proof Ways to Lose Weight & KEEP it Off!” And what’s the charge for this? It’s totally FREE for you! This is a one time deal though, so sign up now. If you wait then you and I both know that you’ll forget, so just take a sec to sign up now.

Even if you can’t make it, sign up and that way I will send you the recording. It’s next Thursday, Sept 19th at 7:30pm. We are going to give you everything we can in that one hour. Definitely do not miss this.

Here is the link: http://backtobasicwellness.com/6-weight-lose-secrets/

So who are these experts? There’s the dynamic duo of Back to Basics Wellness: Ellen Harnett and Kathy D’Agati. And then there is Junie Moon of Soulful Expressions. Check out Junie at: http://soulfulexpressions.net. And check out Ellen and Kathy at: http://backtobasicwellness.com/about-us/. Like I said- it’s going to be great! Not to be missed.


See you on the call!

Your Fitness Coach,

Miranda Zukowski



Junie Moon Schreiber

Junie Moon Schreiber

Ellen Harnett
Ellen Harnett

Kathy D'Agati
Kathy D’Agati




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