13 Days left!! We are making our way up that last steep hill. BUT, today will be a little bit easier because we are kicking it down several notches. Today’s plank exercise is to do 3 minutes 30 seconds in a row. I really can’t tell you enough how amazing it is that most of you find that easy now. If you can shift your perspective with this, what are the possibilities of what you can shift your perspective on? What do you want to do that you think it is impossible to do?? You see where I’m going with this. Pick that ‘impossible’ thing, and figure out what the first step is. Take that step.

For me, it would be to take my family on a trip to Europe. I would start by opening a separate savings account (step 1), and scheduling a certain amount of money to go into it weekly (step 2). Hmmm… maybe I will do that! But it could be anything- singing in public, learning how to play guitar, swing dancing, I don’t know- YOU know what your ‘thing’ is. What’s the first step?


BASIC: 3 minutes 30 seconds

OVERACHIEVER:  3 minutes 30 seconds


Have fun!


Your Fitness Coach,