We are getting there! Your ‘basic’ time is crazy high now, so there’s no going back. We are just going to push this wall right over! Today’s task is to do a 10 minute split, but I have a suggestion for an experiment. Today’s ‘basic’ is 8:15. So go for that as your first plank. For your second plank- to hit the 10 minute mark- shoot past 10 minutes. For instance- do 8:15 for your 1st plank as mentioned, and then do a second plank for 3 minutes. Overshooting at this point will make you stronger and the 10 minute goal will be easier to reach.

If you are not up to 8:15, please don’t worry about it! No big deal. Just do a 10 minute split like you’ve been doing and either eliminate the last plank, or take it’s time down. Make sense? Reach out to me if you need clarification on any of this.


BASIC: 8 minutes 15 seconds

OVERACHIEVER: 10 minute split


Remember, use what you’ve got to use. Sing, chat, listen to music, listen to a podcast, watch something on your iPad, read a book, read a magazine article- WHATEVER you can do to distract yourself from those thoughts “How much LONGER?!”, “My belly hurts!”, “I can’t do this!”- all that junk is not helpful, so distract yourself.

Have fun!


Your Fitness Coach,


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