I have to admit to you, I am not terribly interested in weight loss as a goal in and of itself. Shocking, I know. I’m a Fitness Coach and I help people lose weight every day. I also gained, um, SIXTY pounds during my last pregnancy.  I followed my own advice and lost it all. (Then I found out I was preggers again! haha)

My point is, I really think that the super obsession this country has with weight loss is overall misguided. And here’s why:

I have noticed in over 16 years in this business that people tend to be more interested in how they look to others, as opposed to how healthy they are or how good they feel.

In other words, people are just not interested in their health.

However, if they were to focus on their health, the weight they struggle so hard to get off would come off effortlessly. They are simply putting their energy in the wrong place.


Does that mean weight loss isn’t a valid goal? Of course not. It’s just not the end goal. And I’ll cheat and give you the answer here: the END goal is Happiness. We all want to be happy, and you can break that down any way you want (contentment, joy, bliss, peaceful, excited, or maybe just plain happy).

When we keep our bodies healthy, it makes sense that our mindset and approach to the world is one of happiness.

And back to weight loss- where does it fit in?


Weight Loss goals are a means to an end. Weight loss is not the end goal. What the heck does THAT mean? In other words, you can lose weight and still be miserable and unhealthy. I’ve seen people starve themselves and throw off their hormones so that their hair falls out and they are tired and miserable all the time. Not to mention constipated. They over exercise and injure themselves and then get frustrated when they are too tired or too injured to keep up with their exercise regime. They end up feeling even worse about themselves than when they began. But HEY, they are SKINNY!

When you focus on your health as your end goal, a weight loss challenge done in a conscious and healthy way can be a means to that end. When you focus on things in this order, you improve your hormone balance, your diet, your energy levels, appearance, confidence, strength, stamina, and all around health. Your end result is an improved quality of life and HAPPINESS! Yay!!

If you think this sounds good, but can’t quite get your head around it, then I have a suggestion for you. I am offering a “30 Day Exercise Challenge!”  that begins on Monday, February 10th, and I will be honing in on these principles. It is completely FREE so there are no excuses. If you want to create a healthier lifestyle and make fitness part of it, then here is your chance!

I’m going to focus on building the habit of fitting exercise into your daily life. If you have a few extra pounds to lose, you will lose them, but more importantly, you will have a healthy habit that will serve you for as long as you let it.

It’s going to be all about finding your individual groove- what works for you and adding it in, vs what doesn’t work and kicking it out. What you end up with is a FUN, engaging, empowering fitness routine that is just for you and will make you feel AMAZING!

Oh,  I’m doing it too, and I’m about 30 weeks pregnant. If I can do it, YOU most certainly can!

Click this link to sign up: http://mirzukfitness.com/thirty-day-exercise-challenge/


See you in the CHALLENGE!

Your Fitness Coach,