I originally wrote this post in March of 2014 because I had just completed a flybytheseatofmypants project that ended up helping me, as well as hundreds of other people! There were such amazing results, that I decided to do it again…

Last year around this time I found myself, the Fitness Coach for Entrepreneurial women, sitting on my butt at 7 months pregnant with achey hips, and legs that I couldn’t put individual weight on (really a mess) making up every excuse in the world why I couldn’t exercise. IMG_4434

And, even though I am a Fitness Coach, people would’ve bought it. Hey, I’m 7 months pregnant! Hey, my hips are all messed up because I’m 7 months pregnant! Hey, give me a break, did I mention I am SEVEN MONTHS PREGNANT!


And THIS year, even though I am no longer pregnant (thank God, because that would be weird), I am coming up with different excuses for why I ‘just can’t exercise’.  True that I have messed up ligaments in both wrists. True also that I have what ‘they’ call piriformis syndrome (really painful butt/hip stuff which limits movement and causes pain), AND I’m set for surgery for a completely different issue on or around March 31st which will put me outta commission for 6 weeks.

Sounds depressing, right?!  I thought so. I know I’m not the only one who says I can’t do anything because of something that actually causes more mental and emotional pain than physical. It just seems like- well- look at that laundry list of crappy stuff! Of COURSE I can’t exercise!


The problem is that even if other people buy it, I’M NOT! Sure it all sounds daunting, NONE of it is the end of the world. And there is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON why I can’t exercise!


So, last year when I was making excuses, I came up with something to FORCE me into action. I created the “30 Day Exercise Challenge” on Facebook. I knew if I created this, that I would then be held accountable and that I would figure out a way to exercise every day for that 30 days. I honestly didn’t know what would happen with my hips. It was scary. I could barely move it was so painful. But I kicked off this challenge in my third trimester of pregnancy anyway, because I’m kind of a cliff jumper that way.

And guess what. I did EVERY SINGLE DAY! And you know what? I felt SO much better! My hips were miraculously BETTER! I could move, jump, put weight on my legs individually (Yay! It was really hard to put pants on for a while there…).


So here I am, making up all these excuses again. And so it seems like a perfect time to bring this challenge back!


1The 30 DAY EXERCISE CHALLENGE– Winter Edition 2015- officially kicks off on Monday, February 16th! You can click right here to join me!


While I did come up with and create the Challenge, I am so grateful to all who participated last year because I would not have been able to do it without you.

It’s time to DO IT AGAIN!


Ask yourself- how would your life change if you had a daily habit of exercise?


I’m sure some things come to mind right away. Up the health points, up the confidence, up the awesome thinner version of YOU!

But there’s more to it. A healthy habit of exercising every day will change your life in ways you can’t even imagine from where you stand right now.




And once you join, INVITE FRIENDS!! This is the kind of thing that changes lives. We all need support and accountability. When creating a new habit, all sorts of life things seem to get in the way. Join this community and we will navigate together and get ourselves through and onto the other side!
Let’s DO this!!!

Your Fitness Coach,

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