Here we are, right on the edge of the Holiday Season. We kick off next week with Halloween. Then there’s Thanksgiving, Hannukah, Christmas, New Year’s and alllll the parties that you are invited to, whether it be work parties or bashes that your friends are throwing. It also seems like most people end up going out to eat more often. And all of that is SO MUCH FUN! It’s such a festive time of year!



There’s nothing to worry about.


So then why do you feel a part of you giving in to despair as you head into this season? Do you feel like you may as well just give up because you know you’re going to gain weight, just like you do every year at this time? Might as well get out the fat pants.

I have a very simple solution to all of this, so that you can free up your brain space and make room for actually enjoying these events without any nagging negative voices in your head. And I want to share that solution with you.

I like to attack these sorts of things as if they are a game. I take on an “I’m gonna WIN!” attitude and it makes the whole thing much more fun. One of my clients calls it a “Stubborn kick it in the ass approach”. I concur, it’s like that. It can work for you, too.

I’m breaking this down into just 2 steps so it’s super easy to implement:

1- Take down your wall calendar and mark in a bright color the holidays that you feel like you might lose it on, as well as all the parties. ID-10070553Remember, you do not need to be married to this list- you can add parties or get togethers that sneak in. The point is that you see them coming and you can PLAN accordingly. PLANNING IS KEY!

2- Take a notebook, a day calendar, open an excel spreadsheet or a word doc (whatever you will actually look at- make this easy for yourself) and write the holiday at the top of the page. Then write your plan underneath it.

And that’s it!

But, what do I mean by plan? This part is personal to you. I will share with you my plan for Halloween as an example. There’s already candy in my house, SO I plan to take out 10 pieces of candy just for me. I can consume them whenever I want, but I am limiting myself to 10 pieces for 2014. Once I’m done with those, no more. (I’m really dragging it out, so far haven’t touched one piece, just because of this plan I put in place)

Here are a bunch of little ideas for Thanksgiving or any other large meal occasion: limit to 1 serving, wait 20 minutes before going for dessert, only 1 slice of pie, or maybe no pie (you’re a stronger woman than I!), no whipped cream, use a small plate, chew slowly and think about what you are eating- those are just some ideas. It really doesn’t matter as long as you make a plan.

And here are some ideas for going out- stick to one drink per hour, drink lots of water, try only one appetizer, take breaks between servings, skip the bread, skip the dessert, only 2 bites of dessert, 1 spoonful of pasta, or skip the pasta, fill up on veggies & salad first, etc. Come up with your own. Again, it doesn’t matter as long as you have a plan.

Of course many of these ideas are interchangeable. Use them where you want, and come up with some of your own.

           So to hit this point home, it really is all about the planning! Plan PictureKnow what’s coming at you and plan    for it. Don’t just leave it up to chance. You will feel much better about yourself, and more in control, if you make a plan and follow it.

Of course, it makes a big difference if you are keeping a workout routine through this season. That also helps you to stay in control. But that’s a topic for next time!




Happy Planning!

All my Best,




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