We are coming to the end of the Holiday Season! There are parties, and holidays and all kinds of yummy treats calling your name.
And you KNOW if you give in to them that they may taste really great, but that you’ll be wearing them on your hips and around your middle, most likely. (Why is it that our HIPS feel the need to expand first?!)
Then we pull out the black stretchy things (are you already in the black stretchy things?) because our clothes don’t fit anymore. We might be able to squeeze into our clothes, but then we can’t sit. Ha. (sorry, must have a sense of humor about these things, or else we are REALLY in trouble!)
And THEN we feel terrible so we eat MORE to make ourselves feel better, which is a nonsensical trap we get into. And that fact makes us feel worse. So we eat more. You get the picture.
The result is that by January 1st we feel like crap. Pretty much. 
So here’s a little proactive exercise:
Which of the following adjectives do you expect you will feel at the beginning of 2015?
Dumpy, frumpy, old, fat, ugly, the opposite of sexy, hopeless, resigned, depressed, discouraged, overweight, slow, heavy, weighted down, zoned out, terrible, embarrassed, ashamed, guilty, annoyed, sad.
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How about THESE?
Awesome, amazing, thin, fit, energetic, vibrant, hopeful, inspired, healthy, fantastic,mir jumpingpeaceful, sexy, agile, lithe, bouncy, bright eyed and bushy tailed, wonderful, grateful, in control, empowered, terrific!
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Here’s what we will cover:
1- Step by step what I did to lose that last 10 pounds (out of 30!) that wanted to hang around. I will spell it out for you in an easy to transfer way, so that you can do it for yourself, effective immediately!
2- The 3 things you can implement right now to help you stabilize for the rest of this season.
3- How you can use this information to actually LOSE weight, even though we are in the middle of the season!
4- Exactly what WORKS, and exactly what does NOT work. I’ve personally tried both, and am on the other side to share the truth with you. 
5- How & why you sabotage yourself and how you can turn that around to take positive action that will get you the results you WANT!
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All my Best!
Miranda Zukowski
MirZuk Fitness
2 of the above photos courtesy of www.freedigitalphotos.net