I’m so excited because Summer is right around the corner! It doesn’t technically begin until June 21st, butbikini we really start to get the feeling of Summer on Memorial Day weekend. And that’s CLOSE!


Which is GREAT, right?! We get to go play at the beach and wear our new swimsuits and hang around OUTSIDE in our new sundresses, and feel some sun on our skin after such a LONG winter. It feels great! Even if you live in a warm climate (I grew up in WPB, Florida) it’s still such a special time of year. 




We look forward to this special time for what seems SOO long and then we get to take off all of our layers and get outside in the sun and we’re having a great time!! 


Until we realize… “Oh no! My SKIN is showing! People can SEE me!”



Annnnd then the layers go right back on. Long sleeves and stretchy black leggings. We pretend to be comfortable. But while everyone else is having a fantastic time, we’re miserable while the sweat pours down.




Is that REALLY any way to enjoy this amazing time of year? Do you have any energy leftover to focus on spending time with your family and friends and enjoying your life when you’re so busy being uncomfortable in your own body?


Is it ok with you to feel like this?


My thinking is LIFE IS SHORT, and we waste WAY too much time feeling like crap when we could be utilizing our bodies and enjoying our precious time on this planet with people we care about.


And that’s why I’m offering a complimentary call all about “The Secret to Getting in Shape for Summer at the LAST MINUTE!”


You may think you’re out of time, but you’re not. If you’d like to know more about what I’m going to dish out on this call, then CLICK HERE and get yourself a spot.




I’ll get you ready in time for Summer  🙂 


All my Best,



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