Your water intake!

This is always the first thing to tweak when altering anything in your life.  images

Drinking enough water:

1- Improves your energy levels
2- Keeps your immune system functioning optimally
3- Gets rid of excess weight
4- Gives you a young glowy look
5- Keeps ailments and diseases at bay, or even helps kick them to the curb if they’ve already settled in your system
6- Improves focus
7- Improves mood

And how? Well, you are made up of mostly water. So when you aren’t consuming enough, things get sludgy. Your systems don’t function as well without a constant stream of water running through them.

And that means everything. If your brain isn’t getting water, you lose focus. You can get headaches or worse. If your muscles aren’t getting enough water, you can get weird aches and pains and have no idea what’s going on when it’s just that you aren’t drinking enough water. You can even prevent arthritis by drinking water. If you don’t drink enough water, your blood is heavier and it’s harder for your heart to pump. The least effect of this is that you feel tired and lethargic, and heavy.

When you do drink enough water, you help your kidneys and your liver to eliminate toxins from your bod- which prevents all sorts of ailments, all the way up to cancer. It’s amazing. Drink your water.

So what is enough water? Some say 64 oz. I have found that is not enough for me. I drink 80 oz on a regular day (100 oz when breastfeeding). Here’s a simple link that tells you exactly how much per how much you currently weigh: CLICK HERE

If you are worried about drinking too much water: CLICK HERE This is wikipedia’s definition of ‘water intoxication’, which is what happens when you throw off your salt balance and lose too many electrolytes. You are most likely not anywhere near close to drinking too much water, but if you’re worried, coconut water is great for replenishing electrolytes. AND it’s great for you! I drink a little bit every day.

Never believe everything you read on the web. Do your research and see what makes the most sense to you. These articles I’ve shared make the most sense to me. There are many more that I did not share, but I encourage you to google “how much water should I drink” and see what you learn. Don’t just take my word for it. Spend 5 minutes right now learning about water consumption and how it can affect you.


I’m drinking to your health!



P.S. How much water do you currently drink on a daily basis? What’s your goal? Share in the comments below.

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