Hello there. I found myself thinking the other day that it’s time to do another fun FREE FOR ALL Challenge!


challenge teamThe idea popped into my head during my son’s swim lesson. Which is an interesting time for ideas to pop into one’s head as it’s usually just a blur of “did I remember the snacks? does he have his puddle jumper on? did I lose the car keys? wait- where’d he go?”

So when the thought of a fun free for all challenge came into my head, I figured it must be a divine download 😉

I was talking it out with a friend of mine who is in my Fit & Healthy Tribe (and also has her children in the swim lessons) and we were coming up with all kinds of ideas.

And I realized, the person I really need to be asking is YOU.

As a recap, here are the ones I’ve done before:

1- The 30 Day Exercise Challenge (which I will do again in february 2016)

2- The 10 minute Plank Challenge (I initially did a 60 day challenge, but I’m open to 30 days)

3- The Lose Weight with Miranda Challenge (I ran it twice- when I was losing 50 pounds after both pregnancies. Yikes, I know. But I lost it both times. Wanna know how? Then we should talk and that’s a different topic. You can hit me up at www.meetme.so/miranda)


And, as for my ideas so far for the next challenge I’ve been thinking of doing another plank challenge, or a squat challenge, or a plank AND squat challenge. 


Which would interest you? If you have an idea that I did not offer, then throw it out there. You can CLICK HERE to share what kind of challenge would float your boat.


I would love and appreciate your input on this topic so that I can bring forth the best challenge that ever was! haha. But yeah, seriously. Let’s do this.


All my BEST,



Here’s the link again to share what kind of CHALLENGE you would like to see happen: CLICK HERE