I’ve been chatting with many of the people in my community lately, and I’m recognizing a common theme. I’m going to share this with you today because I want to make sure you get this key concept before you unwittingly throw yourself off the path you want to be on.

I can’t even tell you how many people derail themselves by doing this one thing. And I’m certain they don’t realize what they’re doing. Let’s make sure you aren’t one of them!


So what’s the common theme I’m referring to? It’s women who want to lose weight,  and they say to me frustrated

“It just doesn’t come off no matter what I do. I exercise. I eat right. Miranda, I’m telling you it just won’t budge. I’m so frustrated! I’ve given up.”

Does this sound like you?

I can’t even tell you how many people I speak to who want to lose weight and who have given up. They just don’t believe that they can do it. And their belief is so strong that it makes it true.

Here’s a newsflash- you must first change your thoughts and beliefs before you see the outside changes happen. If your thoughts and beliefs don’t change you cannot change. If you believe you cannot lose weight because of genetics, menopause, work stress, children, laziness, or whatever you come up with, then you’re right.

Exactly how long have you been telling yourself that you can’t do it? How long have you been running the tapes of your long overused beliefs and attitudes in your head? As much as you say you want to change and worry or whine about it, you forget you are the cause of that very thing you say you want to change.

Your mind is more powerful than you can possibly comprehend. 

Create a clear vision about what you want. Conquer your doubt and refresh your perspective. This is all easy to say, right? But how do you actually DO it?

woman measuring waist      The first step is to catch your negative thought as soon as it  hits the canvas of your mind. Start to notice the thoughts that  derail you. And then create a habit of cutting off the thought of  “I can’t do it” and ask yourself instead, “Is it possible?” The  answer will always be YES.

  Here’s to your possibilities!

  All my Best,


P.S. If we haven’t spoken in a while, or if it’s time for us to connect, then I have some availability in my schedule before the busy fall months hit. Go to www.meetme.so/miranda to schedule a 30 minute chat with me. If you are one of those women out there who doesn’t believe you can do it, then let’s get you to your breakthrough.

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