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I’m going to share a little story with you that happened to me back in 2009. 

In January of 2009 I auditioned to teach classes at a popular gym in NYC where I wanted to work. I was not only rejected, but when I asked for a reason I was given information that didn’t make any sense to me.

I am all for constructive criticism, but I honestly couldn’t make sense of how easily they had passed me over. I had a ton of experience and energy and I’m doing exactly what I’m on the planet to do. I started to question myself and felt like they just didn’t see me. I felt terrible! I felt rejected and like an idiot.

I also got angry. I fumed! I got over the initial rejection in about a week and decided to come up with an out of the box way to move forward. Teaching is what I am called to do and I needed to expand and grow. I was determined to do just that at this particular gym, and I was not ready to throw in the gym towel, despite the rejection. 

My intuition told me to start going to their classes. I decided to hit up the guy who heads the auditions and started going to his classes every single week. I honestly didn’t know what I expected to happen, but I felt like I was in the right place doing the right thing. In the flow.

Was the time convenient? NO! Did I ever want to skip it? EVERY TIME! But I always showed up, and was always glad that I had. I did this from January to about halfway through April.

Then, out of the blue, the instructor said to me “You should be teaching this class”. Just like that. I am not sure I even blinked before I said “Ok, so what’s the next step?” We began emailing and in a matter of a few more months he had trained me to teach his class and was putting his support and reputation behind me. It was an amazing shift.

He officially hired me in September 2009, and it was a huge step, but there was more. Just getting hired only gets you in the door. You have to show initiative and determination to pick up your own classes. I started subbing and I received the following email after one of my sub opportunities. I also ended up picking up that class on a permanent basis:

“Hi Miranda,

Thank you for subbing here on Tuesday night. I wanted to share a comment I received from a very trusted member. I also watched a bit of the class and have to agree with the member. Your cueing, your progressions, your presentation, hands on corrections were all on point and represented so well our brand. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! I shared this comment with all the other manager’s so they are aware of your talent and progress as an instructor.”

Why is this noteworthy? I never changed! I believed in myself overall, and yes had times of doubt, but I stuck with it. We as humans need each other to survive. I had to rely on the ability of these people to eventually open their eyes and really see me. And they did! This story is just a small example of this kind of thing. I love watching it all unfold.

So that’s the moral- Believe in Yourself! If you know you are meant to do something, then DO IT! Don’t let someone’s dumbass comment or a little rejection make you stop. So many people allow this to happen to them and never reach their full potential. Find a way and DO IT.

It may not happen right away. It’s not supposed to. Let go of attachment to the outcome and enjoy the experience and watch it unfold before you. 

Go For it!

With Love,


P.S. Share a success story of your own in the comments below.