Healthy me...It’s autumn now, and our energy is shifting along with the season. You may have visions in your mind of the way you want to look and feel and don’t have any new ideas on how to achieve your goals other than “eat less, exercise more”.

And you’ve already tried that. A few times. It didn’t work.

So now what? Try not to think about the life you could be living because it’ll make you nuts and run you in circles? Yes, you could just resign yourself to the way you are now. But you don’t have to.

If I just described you, or if you just want some new ideas on how to achieve your fitness & health goals- here are 3 simple ideas to get you started:

1- Write down where you are right now. You need to know where you’re at so you can map out how you’ll get to where you want to go. Write all of your frustrations, things that haven’t worked, how you are feeling about yourself, and just dump all the stuff in your head. Don’t get hung up on whether or not you are being too negative. If you don’t vent this stuff it’ll fester, and that’s where the negative energy will affect your life. Dump it and it can’t get you. Enjoy this activity. It can be fun to vent your butt off! And the more honest you are with yourself, the more determined you will be to make a change.

2- Write down where you want to be. Write how you want to see yourself, how you want to feel. Write it all in the present tense as if you are already living it. Don’t worry that it feels untrue. This is where you’ve got to start. Write it all down- how you look, feel, appear to others, what your hair, skin, clothes, nails, whatever is important to you feel and look like. Go for it and enjoy it!

3- The last step is to fill the gap. It’s time to map out how you get from #1 to #2. And of course it isn’t that simple. My suggestion is just to figure out the first step. Keep it simple and doable. Once you take the first step, the next step will show itself to you. And that’s it!

If this sounds too complicated (it can be a lot!), then I’ll open up the phone lines for a few hours this week and next to talk to you if you need some guidance here. We’ll chat for 30 minutes and get you on the right track! Here’s the link to schedule a call with me: www.meetme.so/miranda

Keep in mind, my time is limited and not everyone will get a slot. Grab yours now!

All my Best,


P.S. Please share in the comments below what your first step is. I’d love to know!

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