thankyouI LOVE Fitness, FBU (Full Body Utilization), and the energy that is stirred up by moving your bod.  I have always had a desire to affect as many people in a positive way as possible and Fitness is the path through which I am able to do this.

I believe it is our responsibility in life to use our talents to help others. Many have helped me along the way and still are, and I want to pay it forward. Always. Call it what you want- karma, whatever- it is what I need to do.

So then why don’t I give more fitness-y tips? Well, I can do that too, and I will.  But in the long run, I believe that what people are after is happiness. People go to a gym, take a class, hire a personal trainer- all of that because they believe it will make them happier.  This all comes from ideas in the mind so I like to focus on what’s going on in your head. That’s why, several years ago, I shifted from being a Personal Trainer to a Fitness Coach.

What will make you happy? Thinner thighs? Fitting into that dress? A lifted derriere? To eradicate all cellulite from your body? To tighten those triceps so you don’t have ‘wings’? To wake up and not feel hip, low back, knee or shoulder pain? What is it for you? And what ideas do you have around that? 

My aim is to guide you to learn to create happiness in your life NOW instead of waiting for it to magically appear at some future date. You can achieve your goals, but you won’t notice unless you learn to be grateful for what you have right now.

Your life is happening in this moment, right now. What are you trading your life for? Do you spend time chastising yourself or sending yourself mental nasty grams? Those thoughts will never get you to the happiness you desire, no matter how thin your thighs get.

Start to learn to be grateful. It might seem artificial or forced at first, but if you stick with this, I guarantee it will change your life.

My challenge for you is:

For the next 30 days- list 5 things EVERY DAY when you wake up that you are grateful for. No repeats! What are they? Tell me what you are grateful for today in the comments below this article. 


I can’t wait to see your transformation! Gratitude is where it starts.

Your Fitness Coach,

Miranda Zukowski

P.S. I am grateful for YOU! Thank you for reading this article and sharing your thoughts. 

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