If your answer to the question “have you ever failed at anything” is YES, then I’m here to tell you that is GREAT!

There seems to be a general consensus that failure is a bad thing. And that is flat out BS.

Here’s what the ‘bad thing’ is: Quitting. That’s bad. (not to be confused with changing your mind and owning your strong decision to do so).

WhatgreatthingAnd here’s another ‘bad thing’ (I think even worse than quitting): NOT EVER STARTING BECAUSE YOU ARE AFRAID TO FAIL.

How many of us have done THAT at some point in our lives? Pretty much all of us. And it feels crappy. And we try to hide from it by numbing ourselves with too much tv, too much food, too much sleep, whatever we can overdose with to try to block out the voices saying “Get up! Get up! Go and tackle that thing that you want to do! Life is short- GET OFF THE COUCH”

Can you relate to that at all?

Let’s get this being afraid to fail thing off your list of options.

Failure is good. If you want to succeed at anything, you’ve got to step out strongly and be willing to fail. Failure teaches you what doesn’t work. And it leads you in the right direction. 

Let me break it down a different way:

The more you fail, the faster you will succeed.

Here’s a success story based on failure. Do you know who Sara Blakely is? When she was growing up, her father would ask her every night at dinner time if she had failed that day. She grew up learning that when she failed it meant she was on the right track, and to keep on moving forward with whatever she was going after. Once an adult, she got frustrated that she couldn’t find the right underwear to go with her clothes and cut off the legs of her control top pantyhose. And thus, she created Spanx.

And not just like that. It wasn’t an “I’ll snap my fingers and have a successful business based on this crazy product I just created”. She put up with a ton of rejection, 7 years worth of it, but she just kept pushing forward. And now she is considered worldwide as one of the most successful women in the world.

Would you stick to your guns for 7 years? 1 year? 10 days?

Shift your mindset to look at failure as a GOOD thing and your life will change. I’m not saying it won’t be frustrating as hell. But failure is simply information. Learn from the information.

Go forth and conquer!


All my Best,


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