Weight loss is annoying. I’ll just say it. It’s annoying. It sort of looms over your head like “pay attention to me!” but the more you pay attention to it, the more annoying it is and that makes you want to eat things that make you feel bad about yourself. Can you relate to this?

So then what happens? Then you pretend like you don’t want to lose weight so you don’t have to think about it, but of course you end up thinking about it anyway.

And that leads to feeling bad.

So you try something- a diet, an exercise plan, something along those lines- and it doesn’t work or you don’t stick to it for whatever reason. Which leads to…

You feeling bad.

Which leads to you trying to ignore it all again, and THAT leads to…

Yup. You feeling bad.

Nobody wants to feel bad! It’s just plain shitty. It’s my goal to help people FEEL AWESOME about themselves. So, if you’re feeling bad about weight, or you can relate to anything I’ve written here, then click on the pic to watch my latest vid about the 1st step to take when it comes to weight loss:



All my Best,


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