It’s time for our FINAL installment of our 6 week series “Spring Cleaning for your Body, Mind & Soul”. This week is all about SOUL! There are many many ways that we could go about taking care of your soul, but I am going to give you a technique that will cover it all in a simple and effective way.

First, let’s break down our emotions. Different emotions vibrate at different frequencies. The faster the vibration, the more positive we are experiencing an emotion and thus our life. When you reach the highest vibrational frequency, you have reached true enlightenment and you are completely in tune with life overall and your soul.

Here is a chart that will help you to see the differences between different emotions. Notice that guilt and shame are at the bottom of the chart with the lowest frequencies. These are as low as you can go. In other words, the way to feel your absolute worst and starve your soul are to wallow in these emotions.


So how do you NOT wallow? Before I knew about these levels of consciousness I had a technique that I made up on my own. Combined with this chart, it is very powerful.

Here is a step by step simple guide on how to heal your soul and keep it healthy and happy:

1- If you are wallowing in shame or guilt, recognize that this feeling does not define who you are. Most of us define ourselves by our emotions. It is very important to recognize that your emotions ARE NOT YOU! One book in particular that helped me to really get this is The Power of Now by Eckhardt Tolle.

2- Give yourself a time limit. If you’ve been hanging out in fear, recognize that it does not define you (Step 1) and then decide on a time when you will let it go. It sounds too easy to be true, and perhaps you aren’t sure how you will do it. But once you set that time limit- the clock is ticking and your subconscious has gotten the message. If you’ve made the decision to, then you will move on.

3- Which brings us to Step 3- where exactly will you move on to? Look at the scale of consciousness and decide to move up at least one step on the ladder. To go from shame to love in a single bound is not likely. So why not just get from shame to apathy. Although apathy sounds crappy, think about the fact that it most definitely feels better than shame. Then take the next small step up the ladder. So on so forth.

4- How do you get to the next level?  You can get creative with this as per the tools that you use to take yourself to move you up the ladder. Things that always make me feel good are music, dancing, singing, talking to a friend, being creative, eating healthy and getting good rest, the beach, sunshine, a hot shower, and beauty. What are your mood reset triggers? I suggest making a list of at least 10.


The whole point is to move to where you feel good. Everything you make an effort to do, you do it because you think it will make you feel good, or at least better than you are feeling now. So here is the map. Simple and effective.

There’s no need to make this more complicated than it is. Just use the simple pleasures in life to shift your energy . Don’t expect to get to a particular destination and stay there. Life is a balancing act and we shift as we experience life. Go with the flow and enjoy the journey.

Health & Happiness to you!!

Your Fitness Coach,


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