In the heat of summer, so many of us get stuck in this trap of “Oh, it’s just TOO hot to work out! I think I’ll have a drink by the pool instead”…

And who can blame us? Summer can be relaxing. It entices us with lounge chairs and trips to the beach. It pulls us away from our gym (whether a home gym, a boutique gym, or a ‘gym’ gym) habitat. And it makes us think it’s ok to skip our workout.

It totally sounds reasonable.


You still have a body. And that body still needs to move, even if your mind is in lala land. If you allow yourself to fall off track, you’ll end up paying for it later in a variety of creative ways (sticky joints, fatigue, lethargy, ummm FAT, etc).

So trust me when I say I KNOW it is hot and I KNOW you don’t ‘feel’ like it. And that’s why I created this free workout series with short workouts that utilize the heat for what it’s good for.

You might be thinking that heat is no bueno when it comes to working out and that I must be nuts to say that there could be a benefit to it. Believe me, this is not the defining factor of my sanity. Heat can be GREAT for you, IF you use it correctly.

If you want to find out more about the benefits of working out in the heat, and how your workout should vary from what you do in the gym or in colder weather, as well as a list of all the amazing exercise formats you can do in the heat, then check out the free pdf I created to accompany this 6 week workout series by CLICKING HERE.

And while you’re waiting for the pdf to be delivered to your inbox, you can click the pic below and do my intro to Pilates mini class.



I’d LOVE to hear how you’re doing with this over in our Fit & Healthy TRIBE group. If you’re not already a member (it’s free!) CLICK HERE and get yourself IN there.



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