Healthy people have healthy habits. Unhealthy people have unhealthy habits. Where are your habits on the spectrum? Could you use some help?

Let’s find out! First answer this question:

Have you ever tried to get yourself to do something new & healthy (like eat more greens, drink more water, exercise on a daily basis, get more sleep, etc)? Who hasn’t, right?

If you have, you’ve likely visited failure city. I know I’ve been there. And so then you likely experienced one or many of these things:

  • The fear of putting in a ton of time & effort with zero results. Because that already happened.
  • That anxiety of those ‘life’ things popping up as soon as you get started. So annoying!
  • The aggravation when you can’t seem to get yourself to DO anything. Ugh! The WORST!
  • The annoyance when you don’t see any changes, and that little voice starts to hound you with “WHY DO I BOTHER?”


I have personally experienced each and every one of these same exact emotions whenever I’ve attempted to change my habits & behaviors. It’s failure city… and it was this one belief that kept me going:

“Small steps, taken consistently, will make a HUGE difference over time”

So then, here’s your next question…

If you knew how to build healthy habits from the comfort of your own home… and leverage it to create new energy in your life that would allow you to get more enjoyment out of your day to day… Would you do it? (Who couldn’t use more energy? Who doesn’t want to get more enjoyment out of life??)


  • The confidence you would build
  • The fears you will feel, but move past ANYway
  • The ENERGY you would create
  • The stuff you’d get done!


Healthy Habits. Healthy Body. Energy. Vibrancy. Self Empowerment. A Radiant & Contagious GLOW…

… Have you ever wanted these things?



  • Hiding behind your daily existence
  • Accepting your current situation as ‘the way it is’
  • Allowing yourself to wallow



  • Confidently demanding a healthy change
  • Bolding claiming your life the way you WANT it
  • Not taking “NO” as an answer from yourself
  • Breaking through your limiting beliefs that you can’t do it (YOU CAN!)


Today you can make all of this happen with mHealthy Habit Implementor Journal

This is the Online Health Tracking Journal that SO many of you asked me to create! It covers your healthy habit creation in the areas of exercise, nutrition, sleep, water, how you’re feeling as you move through it all, and so much more.

Through this brand new 4-week journey, you will get everything you need to create the energy you want to support the life you truly want to be living.

This program is on immediate discount because it is brand spankin’ new, but only until Friday, Sept 8th. So if building healthy habits to create the energy and life you want is something you desire, jump on it right now. CLICK HERE, and use code ‘earlybird’ at checkout.

These are the steps you take with this new Online Health Tracking Journal:

Step 1: Setting Your Intentions:

We often don’t know why we do the things that we do. By writing down what you want to accomplish, you make it solid & concrete. Your energy is then focused on your goal and you have purpose. Once you take the step of determining your intentions, you’re already halfway there.


Step 2: Taking Consistent Daily Action:

The only way to create new healthy habits (or any lasting change in your life) is to take small steps daily on a consistent basis. If you take a big step on Monday, then burn yourself out for a week, only to repeat the process, nothing changes and it feels like you’re banging your head against the wall. This journal will help you to stay focused on completing small tasks on a daily basis that make a HUGE difference over time.


Step 3: Filling out the Journal on a Daily Basis:

By committing to filling out the journal on a daily basis (it’ll take you 5 minutes or less!), you’ll keep your mind focused on your goal and will catapult yourself towards success.


Step 4: End of Month Review of Where you are at and Where you want to go: 

There are weekly reviews in the journal that will guide you to take stock of where you’re at. When you fill out this part of the journal you will discover what areas of your journey need work, as well as what you’re kicking butt with, and decide what needs to change in order to keep moving forward at top speed for faster results.

If you’re one of the people who asked me for this journal, or this is sounding good to you right about now, then you might be wondering  “What’s this going to cost me?”. Arms & Legs! Nah. Kidding. The truth is I have invested decades of my life in gaining the knowledge and experience within this program, and is something I use with my one-on-one clients.

But because this is an offer I truly believe in, I want it to be wildly accessible.

Which is why, through Friday Sept 8th,  it’s at a very affordable price of $27 when you use code ‘earlybird’ at the checkout.

CLICK HERE to claim your life by utilizing the power of healthy habits!

To Healthy Habits,


P.S. Don’t forget to use the coupon code ‘early bird’ at the checkout! CLICK HERE

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