Want to learn how to stop complaining? Stick with me for the following week and together we will quit complaining.

According to the law of attraction, what you focus on in your life, you get more of. Thus, when you complain, you are putting energy into that thing you are complaining about and will receive more of that in your life.

I used to work with a woman who complained about EVERYTHING! She was amazingly powerful at self fulfilling her own prophecies, but she never saw things that way.

The way she saw things was that they were HARD, that she was FAT, that everyone was TERRIBLE. She also saw me as the example of what she wanted to emulate. She talked about my slim hips and thin legs and said she wanted hers to look like mine. Just so you know, I have curvy hips and my legs are not thin. I was very amused to hear how she described me, when I was standing right there for all to see! I like my hips and legs just fine, this isn’t about my body parts. The point is that our perspectives differed WILDLY.

Were either of us wrong? Nah. It’s all relative, right? But were her thoughts serving her? Not really. But she didn’t realize that she could change her thoughts. She kept manifesting her worst life and her view of herself was dismal.

You, however, are a different story. You know that you can change your thoughts if you want to. Seems to be in the best interest of all of us to take on this belief. When you can harness your thoughts, you’re in the drivers seat of your life.

The first thing to do if you want to change your thoughts and how you are perceiving your life, is take a closer look at the thoughts you are currently thinking to yourself.

Are you bitching and moaning in that head of yours? Are things terrible, is the world unfair, are all the drivers BAD (this is one I catch myself thinking!)

When you bitch and moan about things, you are putting it out there to the Universe to send you more to bitch and moan about. If you think that this is crazy, or that I am crazy (lol), then just go out on a limb with me and do a little experiment to see what happens.

I’m going to help you shift the direction of your thoughts- both in your head, and the stuff that finds it’s way out of your mouth- by inviting you to join my ‘No Complaining’ Challenge!

Here’s what you need to know:

It’s 7 days
It’s free
You’ll get lots of support from me and from other women taking on the challenge
You’ll get daily support and ideas to help you stay on course
You are, without a doubt, going to benefit from this!

CLICK HERE to sign up and get started right now!

If you want to hear more about this challenge, you can check out the video below…

Before you go, why not invite a friend or relative to join you in this challenge? Just send her to this link and we’ll get this party started! https://mirandamathewson.com/nocomplaining

All my Best,



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