We’re up to our 2nd topic in our Spring Cleaning for Healthy Living free mini- course!  Today is all about creating exercise habits that serve the highest version of you. 

Yesterday we started to clean up our diet. I gave 6 simple, yet very effective, suggestions. If you’re not signed up for the complete mini-course yet and you want to get the down low on spring cleaning your diet (et al), you can sign up for free HERE

Let’s dive into today’s tips on how to spring clean your BODY, or more to the point, MOVING your body (aka exercise). We are going for the most efficient use of your time and effort to increase energy and kick in those endorphins so you are super inspired in all areas of your life. And if your goal is to lose a few pounds, those will naturally come off as you focus on taking better care of your self.


Here are some simple steps to follow to Spring Clean Your Body by harnessing the power of EXERCISE:


In case you don’t feel like taking notes, I’ve got you covered. I created an extension of this mini course that includes ALL the tips from the video included, plus a few extra. Put it all together and you’ve got the recipe for creating a long lasting habit of daily exercise (that you enjoy).

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Keep on keeping on with the shifts you are making in your diet from the previous vid, and add in the new exercise plan today. Tomorrow we will address spring cleaning for your mind for a less stressful/more enjoyable lifestyle. Stay tuned!


All my Best,


P.S. I strongly recommend that you take me up on the offer I threw out there in the video, and join me & my Tribe for some support & accountability along your journey, you can just CLICK HERE (totally free)

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