It’s time for our FINAL installment of our free mini-course “Spring Cleaning for Healthy Living”. Today is all about SOUL! There are many many ways that I could teach you how to heal your soul, but I am going to give you a technique using a scale of consciousness that will cover it all in a simple and effective way.

In this video I’m going to give you 4 ways to cleanse your soul and help you to take it to the next level. In other words, check out the vid for a simple way to take yourself from lethargic and stagnant, to vibrant and ALIVE! 


We’ll go over the emotional scale of consciousness, created by Dr David Hawkins, so that you can see where you are at on a scale of 20-1000, with 20 being the lowest of the low at ‘shame’, and 1000 being enlightenment, and allll the steps in between. You’ll figure out where you are at, and decide where you want your next step to be. So simple, and so effective! It always helps to break things down like this.


If you don’t feel like setting your hand on fire while you take notes watching this video, you can grab the extended version of this course that I created for you, with everything I mention in the vid, plus some extra tidbits and links to take it to the next level. Go to https://mirandamathewson.com/scbonus to grab the goods for only $7


Health & Happiness to you!!

Your Fitness Coach,


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