How many of us find that, after taking care of everything and everyone else, you’ve got NO time or energy left to get in any sort of workout for YOU?

I hear it all the time. Women to the point of breaking, trying to push back tears as they make light of their plight to find some time for themselves. I get it!

And that’s exactly why I came up with the 5 minute Cardio for Women series.

To be honest, I was having a heckuva time trying to fit in time to shoot my workout videos. All of a sudden, the time I had carved out for vids during my week evaporated and there was nothing else. I figured if I’m having this issue then chances are I’m not the only one. So perhaps creating the biggest bang for our bucks in 5 minutes was worth a shot. We’ve gotta have at least FIVE minutes somewhere.

I found the 5 minutes and have created a series of these 5 minute Cardio for Women workouts, of which this is the first.

I’ve gotta tell you, and it’s obvious in the vid, these 5 minutes did it for me. And besides getting in some good cardio for the day, I also boosted my energy and in many cases found time for some more exercise once I got the ball rolling. My hope is that the same magic happens for you.

So before your next 5 minutes evaporates into thin air, click the vid below and let’s get sweaty!


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