I recently created this 5 minute cardio workout series out of sheer necessity.

I made a point for about a year to carve out time in my schedule to shoot at least one fitness video every week. And that time slowly evaporated. I don’t even know what happened to it. One week there was a doctor appointment, the next week we were out of town, and the following week the habit was broken. Has that ever happened to you?

I realized that if I wanted to keep recording videos for the women who need and want them, that I was going to have to break it down even more than I already had. So I came up with the 5 minute cardio workout series.

I figure, if I’m having a hard time carving out a little time for myself to workout in between work, kids and any other demands, that I’m most likely not the only one. If I can only squeeze in 5 minutes, I think it’s safe to say I’m not alone.

My goal here is that you are able to fit in a workout even on the most ridiculously over scheduled days. 5 minutes is all you need on those days, and then you can check it off your list and know that you’re still in the drivers seat of your own life.

Before your next 5 minutes evaporates into thin air, click the vid below and let’s get this done!


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