A while back, I asked my Tribe members what they want to work more on. Without hesitation, everyone who responded wrote CORE.

I created a playlist of 10 minute core workouts is in direct response to their requests.

This is just the 2nd in the playlist, but there are a bunch more, and I’m always adding to it so that you have tons of options at your fingertips when it comes to your core workouts. You can access the entire playlist by CLICKING HERE

I’ve chosen to stick with 10 minute workouts for now, because that’s all I can fit into my crazy schedule! And I figure if my schedule is crazy, yours probably is as well.

In other words, this is the perfect core workout for you if you want to get in an effective workout with no equipment in a super short amount of time. 

Just click the pic below to get started! Often clicking the vid is the hardest part, so get that done and you’re good to go:


Once you get it done, let me know how you feel in the comments below!

Thanks for stopping by,


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