This is the 6th workout in the ‘Cardio for Women – 5 minute workout’ series, and people are asking for more, so I’ll keep adding to the list.

These are popular because, in this day and age, for right or wrong, sometimes we REALLY only have 5 minutes to get our workout groove on.

You’ll get your heart rate up and feel fully utilized without any equipment in just 5 minutes, but don’t hold back if you want to do more than that!

As of the writing of this post, there are about 13 of these 5 minute cardio workouts so far. In theory, you could do one after another and end up with a 65 minute cardio workout. And I’m always adding to this playlist! You can grab all of the 5 minute cardio workouts by CLICKING HERE.

Click the pic below to get started before another second passes. Time is precious! Use at least 5 minutes of it to take care of you…

Let me know how you feel after you finish the workout in the comments below!

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