Get the best from a barre fitness class in just 30 minutes!

This barre workout is a super effective full body workout for women as it incorporates flexibility stretches and core exercises, along with thigh chiseling leg exercises, booty burning glute exercises, upper body exercises for women, and balance exercises. All that in 30 minutes!

I teach this class once a week for the Womens Fitness Tribe, but perhaps this one leans towards being a bit more entertaining. My son is in on the action to help kick off the class, and that’s always an unpredictable good time.

Also, there’s the fact that I cut my own head off for the first 8 minutes of class. Maybe I was thrown off by the giant tiger…

Anyway, who needs the top of my head to do a workout? Grab a ball, some light weights, something to balance with, and a mat, and LET’S GET ‘ER DONE!!!

Click the pic below to get started before you come up with an excuse…

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