Looking for a yoga inspired fitness class?

This full length fitness class features a strength workout utilizing yoga exercises at it’s core.
You’ll get your yoga workout and your strength exercises all in one super efficient full body workout!
We’ll incorporate arm exercises for women along with balance exercises, leg exercises, core exercises, flexibility stretches, and cardio exercises.
In other words, this is one of my top workouts to lose weight, along with being one of our great at home workouts for women!
Speaking of great at home workouts for women, I’ve been teaching livestream classes since the quarantine began, and it’s been SO much togetherness for me and my family.
When I first started heading to the basement to teach these full length classes, out of a desperate need for normalcy in these chaotic times,   I met a LOT of resistance from my 2 little boys. They jumped on me, stuck their little faces way up in the camera. I remember having to cut my first class short because they were so out of hand.


Since then, they’ve become accustomed to me going downstairs to teach my classes. They usually allow me to get through an entire hour these days, but every so often they feel the need to jump in front of the camera again. This is one of our more peaceful workouts, and I’m grateful for that. It’s real life folks!
So grab some heavies and some lights, get your yoga mat out, and let’s get moving, kids or no!

CLICK THE PIC below to get started…

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