Looking for a lower body workout for women?

Here’s a 45 minute lower body workout for women filled with leg exercises that you can use for your at home workout.
We’ll combine strength exercises and cardio exercises for a high intensity workout that will burn crazy calories and chisel out your leg muscles!
I love everything about this workout, but maybe most of all, I love the single leg squats to the chair. There are few exercises that force every muscle in your leg to work quite like this one. I mean, all the things are working together at once, along with your core, to keep you from toppling over. It’s good stuff!
Second favorite, maybe those side to side squat jumps, only because they make me die.
Break it down, and this is one of my top workouts to lose weight and build lower body strength, along with being one of our great at home workouts for women!
You’ll need some heavy weights, a booty band, a chair, and a mat.


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