Here’s a full length fitness class – 60 minutes Mat Pilates to help you strengthen your core and improve your flexibility.
Join this 60 minute Mat Pilates class and step your fitness game up!
This low impact Pilates mat fitness class includes back strengthening exercises, core exercises, and stretching exercises for women. 
We’re going to focus on your CORE muscles from all sides utilizing Pilates moves, resulting in overall strength & ease of movement.
Don’t underestimate these small but powerful moves. Low-impact workouts can have high-impact on the fitness of your body!
My classes tend to be unique in the way that I allow my kids to be part of our workouts. My reasoning is two fold; I want to be a good example to them, as well as show you that it is very possible to get your workout in despite having your kids at home.
Way too many mothers use their kids as an excuse NOT to exercise, when it’s in fact the opposite. We need to be showing them, by example, how we take care of ourselves so they can pick up this behavior. More is caught than is taught. 
That said, things do get a little crazy in the Mathewson house as you’ll see in this workout. My hope is that you will be entertained as you get your workout in for the day and check it off your list. 
WHAT YOU NEED: – ball – light weights(3lbs) – mat
Now click play and let’s DO this!


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