Looking for a LEG DAY workout routine for women?

Here’s a 30 minute leg workout routine for women filled with leg exercises that you can use for your at home workout.
Do this leg day workout as part of your exercises to do at home. This 30 minute workout combines leg exercises with cardio exercises for a high intensity workout that will burn crazy calories and chisel out your leg muscles!
You’ll need a booty band, heavy weights, and a mat. Yellow leggings optional (those are from ZYIA, fyi)
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We get so much done in these 30 minutes! Not only do we get your heart rate up, thus your metabolism, but because of switching from strength to cardio and back again, we trigger the magic of interval training! That means your metabolism goes up and STAYS up! You burn your fuel (your consumed calories) effectively throughout the day.
One of my favorite moves in this workout is the full ROM split squat with the band press outs. Not sure what I’m talking about? Try the workout and find out!
Break it down, and this is one of my top workouts to lose weight and build lower body strength, along with being one of our great at home workouts for women!

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