The Choice of Habit: Fitness Goals

The Choice of Habit: Fitness Goals

Can you believe we are already in the last week of January? And whether you aimed to quit smoking, eat better, exercise more, or stop binge shopping on Amazon, now is when things get tough. This is the point when people start to fall off the wagon. The point where the...
New Year, Same You – Only Better

New Year, Same You – Only Better

Welcome to a new blog series by me, Miranda Mathewson! As a fitness trainer for over 20 years and a mother of two, I understand how fast a day can slip away, and how easy it is to put off your own goals for those of others around you.  GOOD NEWS, I am here to...

Weight Loss: An Extra Added Bonus?

Happy Halloween! This time of year brings up a LOT of weight issues for a LOT of women. There are all these holidays and parties and you just sort of feel helpless as you look out at the sea of endless food. It doesn’t have to be that way. Food is a good thing!...

How to Deal with the Holiday (FOOD!) Season

Here we are, right on the edge of the Holiday Season. We kick off next week with Halloween. Then there’s Thanksgiving, Hannukah, Christmas, New Year’s and alllll the parties that you are invited to, whether it be work parties or bashes that your friends...

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