Welcome to Healthy Habit Implementor Intensive!

(Previously the 30-Day Kickstart to Fit & Healthy)

Welcome to the 4-Week Healthy Habit Implementor Intensive!


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FYI: This program is the updated version of the 30 Day Kickstart to Fit & Healthy, and as such, many of the videos & presentations still have that title in their content. We are working to update all of the titles, but the information therein remains valid and applicable.



just take the first step.

The 4 Pillars of Health: Trainings
Week 1

Pillar #1: Exercise

Week 2

Pillar #2: Nutrition

Week 3

Pillar #3: Sleep

Week 4

Pillar #4: Stress Management

Main Videos

Conquer the weekly videos as you move through the course. Start with Week #1 and move your way through. It doesn’t matter if it takes you longer than 4 weeks to conquer all 4 videos. Go at your own pace, but keep moving.

Week 1 Video:
Week 2 Video:
Week 3 Video:
Week 4 Video:
Workout Library

These supplemental videos will serve to add variety to your workouts, make sure you stay on track when you can’t think of anything else to do or are short on time and want an effective workout, help you build strength to conquer the 4 main videos, and give you more of a challenge if you conquer the 4 main videos quickly. Mix and match and have fun with these.

Short Warm-Up

6 mins

Crazy Quads

12 mins

Quick Cardio

8 minutes


27 mins


23 mins

Hip & Knee Strengtheners

25 mins

HIIT Back & Bi’s

13 mins

Perfect Push Ups

7 mins

Stretch Session

23 mins

Beginner Sun Salutations

35 mins

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