Healthy Habit Implementor Journal!

Change your LIFE by learning how to change your habits.


The Healthy Habit Implementor Journal!

Fast track your results and quickly gain traction by focusing on creating new healthy habits that will put you on the path to the YOU that you really want to be, while dumping old unsupportive habits that no longer serve you.

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“There’s got to be a way to get myself to STICK to a (program/diet/healthy routine) so that I can finally boost my energy levels and dump all this excess flab

Sound familiar??

The truth is- making habits takes time. The quick fix weight loss schemes may work in the short run, but since they’re not done with your long term health in mind, there’s usually a yo-yo effect (been there? done that?). Not to mention, that when you approach weight loss without considering your health, you end up feeling LESS vibrant and energetic than you do already. And then, isn’t the whole point to feel better?

The answer is to create a lifestyle change vs a quick fix. Focusing on your long term habits is the more direct route to a happier & healthier you.

How can you tap into the skills needed to create a healthier & happier life for yourself without…

… Starving yourself?

… Spending hours and hours following a program with no results?

… Falling off the wagon (again?)


It’s time to get momentum now, so you can kick yourself into gear and make the most of your time in your amazing bod on this planet.

In comes the Healthy Habit Implementor Journal!

It’s the best way to fast-track your success… How? By following these # simple steps:

Step 1: Setting Your Intentions

We often don’t know why we do the things that we do. By writing down what you want to accomplish, you make it solid & concrete. Your energy is then focused on your goal and you have purpose. Once you take the step of determining your intentions, you’re already halfway there.

Step 2: Taking Consistent Daily Action

The only way to create new healthy habits (or any lasting change in your life) is to take small steps daily on a consistent basis. If you take a big step on Monday, then burn yourself out for a week, only to repeat the process, nothing changes and it feels like you’re banging your head against the wall. This journal will help you to stay focused on completing small tasks on a daily basis that make a HUGE difference over time.

Step 3: Filling Out the Daily Journal

By committing to filling out the journal on a daily basis (it’ll take you 5 minutes or less!), you’ll keep your mind focused on your goal and will catapult yourself towards success. 

Step 4: Review Where You’re at, and Where You Want to Go

There are weekly reviews in the journal that will guide you to take stock of where you’re at. When you fill out this part of the journal you will discover what areas of your journey need work, as well as what you’re kicking butt with, and decide what needs to change in order to keep moving forward at top speed for faster results.

The Healthy Habits Implementor Journal

This is the exact same process I teach my high-level one-on-one coaching clients.

In the journal you’ll discover:

  • How to pull your ideas out of your head and make them reality (as opposed to the dream you think you can’t achieve)
  • How to commit to yourself so that you can finally see results
  • The 5 pillars of health that you need working smoothly on all cylinders in order to live a well balanced healthy & happy life
  • How to create healthy habits that LAST
  • How to feel awesome about yourself and your life

So, you can either eat out tonight OR cook a healthy dinner at home and use the dough to invest in yourself, so that you can…

  • Learn exactly how to create the life & body for yourself that you didn’t think was even possible before now
  • Get the confidence to understand that YOU get to choose how you live and how you feel
  • Avoid that yo-yo back & forth scenario. Once you have the tools in this journal, you’ll never have to look back…

If you are ready to get started, click the button below and finally learn how to build your healthy habits so you can stop wasting time and start taking action.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What if I’ve never worked out before?
That’s great! Welcome! No time like the present to get started. It’s never too late and there’s always room for improvement. Plus, it’ll make you feel great. You can access all of my free workout videos over at https://mirandamathewson.com/vids

2) What If I’ve tried several diets and ended up actually GAINING weight instead of losing weight?
It’s time to end that yo-yo cycle. This journal will help you take small steps consistently that will create real and lasting change, so you won’t ever slide backwards. Plus, the focus is on your HEALTH vs weight loss. When you focus on your health first, the weight slides off naturally. And doesn’t come back.

3- Does this program have a time limit?
Once you download the journal, it’s yours forever. You can use it as many times as you want for as long as you want.

4- Is there a way I can contact you if I have questions?
The best way to interact with me one on one is in my Fit & Healthy Tribe group. You can join the group free of charge at https://mirandamathewson.com/tribe. Ask your questions and I will answer directly within 24 hours.

5- Does this journal have specific food menus? 
No, this journal is designed for you to track your actions. If you want to take it a step farther and get the meal plans, the workouts, the workshops on the 5 pillars of health, you can join the Healthy Habit Implementor program at: mirandamathewson.com/hhi-vip


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