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I take the fluff out of coaching, helping you to achieve your fitness and life goals with accountability and ease.

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Looking for Fitness Motivation, Tips & Accountability? Join Us in the WOMEN’S FITNESS TRIBE!

The WOMEN’S FITNESS TRIBE is where women who want to create healthy lives for themselves join to collaborate ideas, share tips, and take advantage of the power of accountability. I am personally in the group often to offer constant support & motivation to help you stay on your game.

Miranda Mathewson

Fitness Coach

Hey there, I’m Miranda. I’ve been in the Fitness Industry since 1997, helping women of all ages & sizes to create happier & healthier lives for themselves. I am passionate about giving the support that so many find lacking in their day-to-day lives, to help empower women to create the time they need to take action on their health & wellness goals.

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I'm over 70 but because Miranda's been my trainer since the 90's I look and feel 36.

Well, I don't exactly look 36. My face doesn't lie, and neither do I. But no more back aches and I'm in far better shape than when I began. I have the stamina and strength of a 36-year old and muscles to prove it. My grandkids, 15 and 17, like to have push-up competitions with me even though I ALWAYS win. And my form is better than theirs. Once Miranda even said I did something better than she could. "Of course", I said,"My trainer is better than yours." All of this thanks to Miranda. She encourages me, she pushes me and she inspires me. She's already been told that whatever she does with her life, one thing is certain: She's my trainer FOREVER!


Roberta Hufnagel, Psychotherapist

I have been working out with Miranda since before the turn of the century!

She has helped me maintain a healthy lifestyle with weight lifting, pilates and yoga, both in the gym and in the great outdoors. Miranda is very knowledgable in many areas of physical fitness and knows how to work with people of all ages, levels and abilities. At the end of every workout, I feel strong and positive about myself. I am very fortunate to work out with a real professional.


Marilyn Rotter, Fitness Enthusiast and Creator of Wonderful Ideas

Was Just What I Needed to Pull Myself Out of Covid Funk

Miranda's Healthy Habits Implementer Intensive program was just what I needed to pull myself out of my covid funk. Miranda is an excellent coach. She helped me set realistic goals and provided the right level of motivation and support to help me attain those goals. I've loved her holistic approach to implementing habits in small increments over time so they stick.

Run, Don't Walk, to Miranda's Programs

If I were someone who ate pretzels every night (which I was), I would run, not walk, to Miranda's Healthy Habit Implementer 12 weeks program. Instead of focusing on our problems with being fit and diet, we focused on making small changes with everything: our food, our movement, our vitamins, our attitudes, and everything else. Miranda has devised a program that is personalized and, at the same time, offers a support community. My group of 5 loved it so much that we all signed up for six more months. Believe me - you want to try this program. You will only win. And, by the way, no more pretzels.!

A Pathway to Change Your Health on a Cellular Level

I thought I knew how to drop my pandemic weight, and I was already working out 3 to 5 days most weeks. I was struggling with my health on a different level, so my quick-fix programs just didn't work. Joining Miranda's HHII was a game changer for me because we really dug into the mindset around healthy living. I mean, once I changed my relationship to drinking water, I found that a lot of my issues were resolved! However, it's not just about drinking water. It's about a supportive community of women lifting each other up with Miranda's guidance. The work we committed to was expansive yet easy to implement in our busy lives. My mind is blown on how much we dive into this step by step system that I still use every day. HHII is not a one and done kind of program, it's a pathway to change your health on a cellular level. Thank you, Miranda, for sharing all your secrets with me!

Join and Get Yourself Sorted Out and Focused on the Way You Want to "Do Life"

Even if you think you've got fitness and nutrition "hacked," there is plenty that Miranda Mathewson will teach you, while nudging you to set your priorities and make them actionable. No "pie in the sky" here! Her program is part science, part in vivo, and heavily experiential. The fact that there is a group-interpersonal element, however, is the "magic fairy dust" that binds the program together. Just knowing that you are part of something bigger than yourself, and not on some lonely personal odyssey, keeps you engaged and active and moving forward while reminding you of your humanity! In an age of automation, hyper-stimulation, and distraction, genuine connection is the only antidote. Join, and get yourself sorted out and focused on the way you want to "do life," because life will happen whether or not you take control of yours!

I Enjoy the Workouts So Much

I love that I have access to many different types of exercises and teachers and mixes of my favs that I don't often see. Kickboxing plus barre! Barre cardio! Yoga strength fusion! Boom! I honestly enjoy the workouts so much. I look forward to them instead of dreading.

She will hold you Accountable and Yet Coach You with a Warm Heart

Miranda's 12-week program is incredible and accessible for wherever you are with fitness, nutrition and self care. She lights up the room in group session, live classes, and the many recordings in her lesson vault which has something for everyone. She will hold you accountable and yet coach you with a warm heart while continually asking you what support do you need to accomplish your goals.

The Tribe Has the Best Group of Positive Ladies!

I love the Tribe because it is the best group of positive ladies! I also love working out with Miranda because she is so funny and relatable that I almost don't notice I'm working out because she keeps me laughing and entertained.

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